Photo of a Black-headed Gull, Roshage, Thy, Denmark


The landscape of Thy is created by sea and wind. Sandy beaches, high dunes and dune heath are characteristic of this part of the North Seacoast. And the largest part of this beautiful landscape is a national park. 55 kilometers from north to south, Nationalpark Thy is the first danish national park.

Just north of the national park, at Roshage, Hanstholm, the North Sea meets the Skagerrak.

Photo of Nationalpark Thy, Denmark
Nationalpark Thy
Photo of a Purple Sandpiper, Agger Tange, Thy, Denmark
Purple Sandpiper, Agger Tange
Photo of The North Sea, Thy, Denmark
Photo of a Herring Gull, Roshage, Thy, Denmark
Herring Gull, Roshage
Photo of a Common Gull, Roshage, Thy, Denmark
Common Gull, Roshage
Photo of Whooper Swans, Nationalpark Thy, Denmark
Whooper Swans, Nationalpark Thy
Photo of a Great Black-backed Gull, Hanstholm port, Thy, Denmark
Great Black-backed Gull, Hanstholm port
Photo of a Curlew, Agger Tange, Thy, Denmark
Curlew, Agger Tange
Photo of Nationalpark Thy, Denmark
Dune heath, Lodbjerg

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